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  • THE Stress-busting supplement: Astaxanthin.

    Who’s burning the candle at both ends – trying to live up the last of holiday season, while trying to detox from Christmas, as well as get back into everything at work? This post is for you.


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  • Homeopathy's answer to tired, bruised muscles: Arnica

    Who’s been on holiday from training over Christmas? And now, getting back into the swing of things, are noticing that after a killer training session (kudos to you!) that your muscles are ACHING like never before. Or maybe you’ve overtrained and now strained a muscle, with inflammation making your limbs appear six times the size they were.


    One of the first homeopathic remedies to be used, and still one of the most popular today, Arnica has been used to soothe painful muscles, heal wounds and reduce bruising.

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