Meet Brigitte, KX Pilates instructor and MAJOR fitspo.

Introducing Brigitte Saunders, studio manager and trainer at KX Pilates Kew, Melbourne. Not only is she hot-to-trot (see below) she's super switched on, plus she understands that fitness is more than just training. Here’s how she stays in shape, her training secrets and the one product she can’t live without.

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HN: Your body is amazing - how do you stay in shape?
I lead a very active lifestyle. When I’m not instructing KX Pilates or HIIT Circuits, I’m training myself. I am extremely busy, between teaching and managing a busy studio it leaves minimal time for myself to workout, Therefore I like to exercise in the most efficient way to increase my fitness levels and burn the most amount of fat in the least amount of time. I follow a number of difference circuit plans I create myself that take 30-40 minutes to complete, expelling huge amounts of energy in small 45-60 second intervals and minimal recovery (15 seconds) between exercises. I also love to take part in KX Pilates sessions, they last 50 minutes and they are an intense full body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen every inch of your body.

Along with all this hard work and exercise for my body and mind to function at it’s best means I need to eat the best. My nutrition has an enormous impact on how well I perform. If I don’t fuel my body with a wholesome, healthy and nutritious diet not only will I fall ill, my body and mind will suffer.

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HN: Why is pilates so good?
Brigitte: Pilates is something EVERYONE can benefit from, it creates lean muscle, it increases pelvic alignment and flexibility, it assists in injury prevention, rehabilitation, better posture, better balance, it engages and strengthens your core through the entire session. The KX Pilates experience I teach myself is your traditional reformer Pilates with a high intensity element to it to increase muscular endurance and fat burning. It’s honestly a dynamic full body workout like no other.

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HN: Do you have any training secrets you can pass on?
Brigitte: TIP # 1 - Don’t over train yourself, give your body time to rest, just like anything if you use it too much and don’t look after it, it will burn out.


TIP # 2 – Don’t starve yourself, your body needs fuel, if you aren’t consuming enough of the right foods to maintain what your metabolism requires to burn every day, your metabolism slows down, you get sick and you go backwards.

TIP # 3 – HAVE FUN!! Find something YOU love to do! Pilates is my thing, it may not be for you. There are so many different ways to exercise, whether it be going for a swim, team sport, running, walking, rock climbing, The world is your oyster, find something you love and it wont even feel like effort!

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HN: What’s the biggest mistake you see your clients make?
Brigitte: The biggest mistake I find my clients make is their diets, I highly recommend everyone should occasionally meet with a dietician/nutritionist, it is so important to understand what your body requires to perform at it’s best and achieve the best results. I am extremely passionate about diets and ‘fads’ and what works and what doesn’t and it does become frustrating when clients come in and they are on some ridiculous ‘cleanse’ that provides their body with no nutrients and they then wonder why they become tired, sick or injured.

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HN: And finally.. what's one product you can't live without?
Brigitte: I cannot live without my Amazing Grass - Organic raw green super food – Cacao chocolate infusion powder!
I add it to all of my protein shakes, it’s Raw, Vegan & certified organic, it supports body alkalinity, boosts energy and your immune system.

Brigitte is studio manager and trainer at KX Pilates Kew.
To contact her, email
Her personal instagram is @brigxx, while her fitness page is @bodyrepublic -
both amazing pages to follow!

Health Nuts x

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