THE Stress-busting supplement: Astaxanthin.

Who’s burning the candle at both ends – trying to live up the last of holiday season, while trying to detox from Christmas, as well as get back into everything at work? This post is for you.


Astaxanthin - the red pigment below, is an antioxidant, the natural compounds found in food that counteract the effects of stress. In fact, it is one of the most potent natural sources of antioxidants: 550 times stronger than Vitamin E, 6,000 times more potent than Vitamin C and 8000 times stronger than CoQ10.


To protect your cells from damage, clear out toxic substances from our cells – yes, that’s the action of antioxidants. And when your cells are free of toxins, they function properly and YOU feel better. You feel energised, clear in your head and overall, just a whole lot better.

Astaxanthin also offers very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and also helps protect your skin from sun damage – making it a very unique supplement for us to take.


Other health problems addressed include any cognitive decline from age related illnesses, including Alzheimer's and dementia. Studies support that Astaxanthin has a therapeutic effect for these illnesses, as well as improving overall cardiovascular and brain health.

So, if you are burning yourself out, feeling a little flat or simply want to provide your body with the ultimate protection against stress – here it is.

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