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  • The science behind Coconut Oil.

    Should you include coconut oil in your diet? Or is it just a nutty (get it!) idea, similar to the lemon-and-maple water for seven days cleanse? We get scientific and look at some research behind it - you decide.

    Firstly, the Pacific Island cultures who get 30-60% of their calorie intake from coconut oil have almost non-existent cardiovascular disease. Point to take home: high intake of coconut oil has reduced heart disease, compared to western cultures. Further, it's improved their heart health beyond ours.

    Second, it can boost metabolism, due to the type of fatty acids in the oil itself. This is because the metabolic action of breaking it down actually assists metabolism. Point to take home: good for your waistline.


    Third, it has shown that it assists in weight loss because it helps keep blood sugar levels stable and also helps reduce your appetite (again because of how the fat is metabolised). Point to take home: eat this fat, lose your fat.

    Fourth, 50% of the fatty acid in coconut oil is Lauric Acid, which has shown to ward off infections and fight bacteria in the skin. Point to take home: recover from illnesses with a dose of coconut oil.


    And finally, as it contains high levels of vitamin E, it helps improve the quality of your skin and hair - in terms of hair growth, skin clarity and scar healing. Point to take home: coconut oil isn't just for your insides - its incredible for your hair, skin and nails too.

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    Health Nuts x

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